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Re-freshen tired face.
Make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful.
Your sagging eyelids will look firmer.
Ideal for parties or events.
Help you save time with your makeup. Do not waste time applying false eyelashes,
curling eyelashes or applying mascara.
No need to worry about sweat from exercising.
Look great even without make-up.
Increase thickness, length and curvature of your eyelashes.
Available in various lengths and curvatures to suit your own styles.

Highly-skilled expert eyelash designers
Every eyelash designer of Blanc has completed the Eyelash Extensions Course and every designer must pass the general standard exam.

Eyelash extension technique
Lashes are applied one by one onto your own natural eyelashes. The excellent technique of eyelash application and applying adhesive to create a natural look.

High quality product and safe
All products are imported from Japan.
  are made of premium synthetic fibers, whose quality is very similar to real eyelashes. The lashes are extremely lightweight, strong with medium level of shine, which can blend well with the natural ones and create healthy natural-look.

  Eyelash adhesive
  is highly safe and medical grade. It is gentle to your eyes and does not cause irritation or damage to your natural lashes.

  Eyelash Remover
  It deeply cleans your eyelashes and can remove the adhesive thoroughly.
We focus on providing full advice from consultation to after-care in details. Our designers will discuss with customers about their requirements and suggest the lashes and design that suit your face and eye shape.

Private, peaceful, and clean environment
You will be well taken care of and feel relaxed in the peaceful, clean and private environment in our salon without interruptions from outside.


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