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Made in Japan ┃HK$394

Made in Japan 

With seaweed and plant natural essence, it works so well in repairing fragile and damaged eyelashes. The nutrients in this serum penetrate into lash roots and effectively stimulates its growth.

This serum is suitable for:

• Those who have dented or sparse eyelashes. This serum will stimulate new eyelash growth in sparse areas.

• Those who have thin lash strands. This serum provides nutrients for lash roots. It helps nourish the lashes right from the tip to the root, transforming thin lashes into thicker and healthier ones.

• Those who get eyelash extensions regularly. The serum will make the eyelashes healthy and ready for new extensions.

• Those who desire to have beautiful, glossy and strong eyelashes permanently. This serum is great nutrition to your lash roots.



●The keratin compounding, gives the coated elasticity and firmness a single one eyelash. Coated with one by one lashes gives the elasticity and firmness!


●Fast dryness, for Carl upkeep force is high, as a base coat of mascara, also, you can use it as a transparent mascara.


●Eyelashes have been thin, not good luck of mascara, curl falls quickly, eyelashes of hair loss, hair breakage is severe, such as rice cake of eyelashes curl is not good, the eyelashes It is ideal for those who feel that it is damaged. 



4 Major effects





JELLY CLEANSING LIKE A VIRGIN 195 ml bottle more than 90% are humidity retention ingredient.


This is the Jelly Cleansing specialized in growing, 

shining, and keeping eyelashes so beautiful.

A folding comb to define and separate the lashes


Gliding through the lashes to remove excess mascara and leave them looking thicker and longer (minus the clumps) Folding Lash Comb Back is a must-have for any makeup kit. Perfectly prep, groom, and tame your lashes with this Tweezerman staple.


  • Apply mascara
  • While your lashes are still wet, comb in an upward and outward direction, away from eyes
  • If applying additional coats of mascara, comb lashes after each application

Moi Liquid Eyeliner SALE!

Made in Japan ┃HK$266→HK$150

This is specially designed for those who get eyelash extensions. It gives a clear black line and goes on smoothly. It is waterproof and no smudge, yet it can be removed very easily with warm water, so it does not irritate the lashes while cleansing. It does not include any coloring materials which will cause spots or darkening of the skin.

Moi Liquid-Gel Eyeliner Expresso SALE!

Made in Japan ┃HK$266→HK$150

This is specially designed for those who get eyelash extensions. Dry out fast and smudge-resistant. Adopting the "Gel Ink" technique, which the liquid will change into gel form on the skin so as to minimize the situation of smudging. It easily glides for smooth and defined line. Flexible control of color richness by simply pressing the button at the end with long-lasting and intense color. It is oil-free, waterproof and sweat proof, yet it can easily be removed by warm water. It does not include any coloring materials which will cause spots or darkening of the skin.

The Lash Brush

Made in Japan ┃HK$199

The 1st extensible brush in the industry with the delicate shape and meticulous production. Dust-proof and easy to carry. Adopting the brand new decagonal design, non-slippery and easier to control. Compact design with soft brush and the size of brush head designed to suit the eyelashes properly. It can glide smoothly through your lashes so your eyelashes will be beautifully arranged. Applicable after eyelash extensions, putting on mascara or combing eyebrow.


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